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Coronavirus Pandemic Exacerbates Challenges in China’s Property Market

Opublikowano przez Marcin Strzembosz włączony 21 listopada, 2023

The property market in China, a crucial element of the nation’s economy, requires additional government assistance to prevent further deterioration, according to analysts. In recent months, the industry has faced significant challenges, including a sharp decline in existing home prices and a historic drop in outstanding property loans. These factors have put immense pressure on both the demand and supply sides of the market. While the Chinese government has taken steps to stimulate demand, experts argue that addressing the credit risk associated with developers is the most pressing issue.

To provide context, real estate developers in recent years have relied heavily on debt-driven growth, causing skyrocketing housing prices that many young Chinese households could not afford. As a result, Beijing has implemented measures to reduce this dependency and tackle the issue of unaffordability. These actions have resulted in the real estate and related sectors contributing about 22% to China’s gross domestic product, down from previous years.

Despite the government’s efforts, recent data reveals that the property sector’s troubles are worsening. In October, the average price of existing homes in major cities fell by 0.6%, with larger cities experiencing even more significant declines. This decline is concerning, as larger cities typically have stronger demand due to employment opportunities. Consequently, it indicates that the property market has yet to reach its bottom, raising doubts about the effectiveness of recent stimulus policies.

To address these challenges, policymakers have signaled increased support. They have allowed lending to real estate developers to operate normally and have emphasized the importance of affordable housing. These measures aim to prevent the escalation of risks and stabilize the property market. However, further support will be necessary to boost private sentiment and ensure the market’s stability.


Q: Why does China’s property market need more government support?

A: China’s property market needs additional government support to prevent further deterioration, as existing home prices fell significantly, and outstanding property loans decreased for the first time.

Q: What issue is the government not addressing?

A: The government has not adequately addressed the most critical issue: credit risk related to developers.

Q: Why is the decline in property prices concerning for larger cities?

A: The decline in property prices is particularly concerning for larger cities since they typically exhibit strong demand due to employment opportunities.

Q: What recent signals have policymakers provided?

A: Policymakers have shown more support by allowing lending to real estate developers to operate normally and highlighting the importance of affordable housing.

Q: What is the outlook for the property market?

A: The property sector has yet to reach its bottom, challenging the optimistic sentiments regarding recent property stimulus policies. Further support will be necessary to stabilize the market.

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