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City of Union Closer to Realizing New City Building

Opublikowano przez Marcin Strzembosz włączony 5 grudnia, 2023

The City of Union is making significant progress in its search for an architectural firm to design its new city building. During a recent commission session, two firms, Brandstetter Carroll Inc. and Summit Architects and Engineers, presented their credentials and expertise. The city’s decision will be crucial in designing a facility that not only represents the city but also enhances its ability to deliver services to its constituents.

Brandstetter Carroll Inc.: Experience and Enthusiasm for the Project

Brandstetter Carroll Inc., a firm founded in 1979 in Lexington, Kentucky, boasts a team of 85 professionals spread across multiple offices. With a strong focus on city administration projects and the construction of city halls and public venues for police and fire departments, the firm brings a wealth of experience to the table. Larry Brandstetter, Co-Founder of Brandstetter Carroll Inc., expressed their enthusiasm for the project, recognizing its potential to make a significant statement for the city and surrounding areas. Monica Sumner, the Executive Vice President and Creative Director of the firm, emphasized their commitment to thoroughness, tested processes, and service delivery to meet the needs of the community.

Summit Architects and Engineers: Prioritizing Community Engagement

Summit Architects and Engineers, a full-service architectural and engineering firm, presented their approach to project delivery. With offices in Lexington and Pikeville, Kentucky, they prioritize community, family, and employee commitment. Their recent work on the site design for a new city building in Elsmere demonstrated their flexibility and adaptability in response to the city’s preferences.

City of Union’s Path to Selecting an Architectural Firm

The City of Union has outlined a four-step process for selecting an architectural firm: identifying the need, developing a plan, building consensus, and securing funding for implementation. Both Brandstetter Carroll Inc. and Summit Architects and Engineers expressed their dedication to supporting the city’s interests and understanding the community’s needs through collaboration and engagement.

With the selection of an architectural firm, the City of Union is one step closer to realizing its vision for a new city building. This facility will not only represent the city but also enhance its ability to deliver services to its constituents effectively.

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